Püdski, Bristol 
McGregor, Bristol 
Cescka, Manchester

PLANET PAUSE is a weekly playlist series that came about in the light of the coronavirus. Curated by HANAH, also know as sectionsofshe, PLANET PAUSE aims to share underground music from Soundcloud, a platform that she is very fond of.

Püdski builds upon his variety of taste within his mixes and sets. This consists in a mixture of 120-30 bpm funky 4/4 rhythms paired with progressive vocals. He likes to focus on nostalgic and ambient qualities that tend to bring people together. He is currently developing and producing Lo-Fi house pieces that he will integrate into his sets later down the line. 

"Aesthetically, I wanted to focus on the fact that during isolation we are more attached to our electronics than ever before, hence the mix’s computerised, glitchy nature.

I also wanted to reflect the neuroses experienced whilst in isolation through the skittish, drum heavy track selection."
Shim, Bristol 

"The lockdown period offered more time for reflection and thought than usual, and a change in pace of life. I tried to echo this feeling in the mix with it encompassing a range of styles and tones of music. It has a loungy sound, though picks up with an optimistic yearning for the ‘old’ normal."

HANAH presents Planet Pause