"We came to the conclusion that during this lockdown (here in Argentina we are still in quarantine) what we miss the most is human interaction and the contact with other people.   We realized that there were different social processes going on as a result of this pandemic. On the one hand, many people, in the hopes of reaching out or getting in contact with someone else, revalued the old definition of correspondence and started using this as a way of expressing attention and care. Sending boxes with food, envelopes with letters, books to friends, became a new way of interaction during this era. On the other hand,  we also saw that the Internet became the main medium for communication. Again, mails, social media, zooms, or even sending emojis, GIFs and stickers became a thing.   Thinking about this, we developed a series of stamps, thought to be sent attached in emails or even printed as stickers to send in the physical mail. The three series we created include tender messages to brighten up a bit these difficult times." - Estudio Hummus