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Often referred to as My Bloody Valentine meets Aphex Twin, CRIMEWAVE combines early 90s shoegaze music with contemporary electronic music.

Crimewave is shoegaze 2.0, a surreal, futuristic take on an old genre; using the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s wall of sound approach and cutting it up, stretching it and obscuring it in whatever way the latest technology allows.

‘Expendable’ displays all of the usual dynamics and frenetic experimentation of a typical Crimewave track. The overtly shoegaze tinged vocals and guitars are placed side by side with digitally broken riffs and wonky metallic beats.

The lyrical content of the track addresses the contempt the UK government has shown toward homeless people over the past decade and how the current pandemic has only made life harder and more desperate for them, but without any proper support to balance.

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