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Field Day always feels like a humid climax of the festival season, and this year did not disappoint. Travelling across London you could spot a fellow Field-Dayer a mile off, exchanging a knowing look with each person as you crossed paths. Edging into the circumference of sound surrounding Victoria Park, an anticipation built - we knew we were about to experience something monumental and meaningful together.

In the peak of the daytime heat, we paced to the middle of LSDXOXO who was in the midst of dropping their distinctive style of sultry, sleazy vibrations. Sweaty leather and melting skin formed a sea of movement - bopping and nodding to the unpredictable rhythms.
The programming of Field Day was a dream as ever, a lineup you can trust and a sound quality that is immersive and freeing. The multidisciplinary experimental acts on show this year were a real treat. We explored many avenues of interest and discovered impressive new talents in the process. From Sudan Archives who killed it with powerful and precise violin solos dressed in purple leather, through to Moderat who masterfully stirred a heavy but euphoric energy.

As the day progressed, the anticipation to see the headliners was building. Arca, who had been the name on everyone's lips, stepped onto stage and we became immediately awe-struck by what we were about to witness. Clad in expressive leather shapes, she took us on a journey no one could have prepared for. The curiosity, joy and exploration that she moved through on stage made her set one of the most impressive we have experienced in recent years. She unfolded and unearthed inventive new sounds in front of us. It was a beautiful thing to witness. She brought to the bouquet-covered table a range of industrial twistings & manipulations on top of reggaeton and pop euphoria. Arca really did it all, whilst covered in blood and swinging on a sturdy leather kink swing. A master of our generation - a real privilege to witness her on her journey.

And then, Aphex Twin, who arrived onto stage in what felt like an industrial space ship delivering beats and glitches through the thick smoke. The AI-esque visuals had a grotesque feeling to them whilst remaining artful and expansive. The masterful marrying of explorative soundscapes and immersive visuals resulted in a true audio-visual experience, the kind we haven't seen before. Industrial thumpings, jungle breaks and computerised glitchings united in this unconventional set that left us all square eyed and speechless. A new experience like this in the electronic realm is deeply appreciated by crowds and artists alike. It pushes thoughts, discussions and ideas to a whole new level and allows electronic music to expand into new and exciting territories.
- Danny & Fleur
"A new experience like this in the electronic realm is deeply appreciated by crowds and artists alike."
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