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Photographer in Focus

Piotr Rulka

Ever Since I can remember I had a great passion for technology and as a kid, I was very fascinated by those old button-phones and how their cameras were improving with every model. I remember I started taking more conscious photographs with one of my first smartphones and a few years later I decided to buy my first DSLR. Every morning before high school classes I would go for an hour walk around Krakow and take street photographs which later evolved into a whole project. Seeing that, my mom decided to sign me up for a photography course in Krakow and soon I found out that fashion is what I wanted to focus on, so I continued my studies abroad. Right now, I am on the final year of a fashion photography course at the London College of Fashion. I work as a freelance fashion and commercial photographer, and I keep working on my personal editorial projects. 'Barbican' was one of the collaborations I was asked to do with fellow fashion styling students. The photoshoot aimed to be experimental with a strong single flash, almost paparazzi-like aesthetic. All the images were taken at the Barbican Centre in London, which strongly influenced the edgy and almost underground, dark aesthetic. The vivid clothes and their neon-like colours visibly pop out on the raw and rigid background.
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