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Festival in Focus

Project 6

To celebrate 30 years of the iconic pirate radio station Rinse FM, Project 6 Festival brought together a brilliant range of artists across the rap, hip hop, garage, jungle and electronica spectrum. The space had an inviting, playful atmosphere, and it was refreshing to watch every stage move so freely.

LTJ Bukem’s nostalgic and immersive repertoire of innovative jungle tracks was an absolute treat. Tapping into a past and future through his sonic landscape, the crowd came together in awe of the iconic selector’s set.

SBTRKT’s live set was a masterclass in bringing every type of music-lover into one space to enjoy a genre-defying, percussion-heavy, euphoric hands-in-the-air energy. Whilst most songs felt like a joyous trip down memory lane, the timelessness of their classic track ‘Wildfire’ brought everyone into the moment to make new memories with that song attached.

An artist many had been in hopeful anticipation to see, Nines’ performance did not disappoint. Strangers were connecting and dancing side-by-side, the crowd felt electric and energised, chantings of the lyrics (at points when forgotten by Nines himself) echoed around Brockwell Park as night fell.

Finally, we can’t forget Ms. Dynamite, who brought the necessary sassy, iconic, boss-bitch energy we’d all been waiting for. Like a music magnet, she pulled punters into her world through engaging interaction, supreme lyricism and carefully considered collaborations.

By Fleur Adderley & Kiki-Bee Adderley

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