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Where are you based?
I am based between Devon and London at present. I would say being closer to nature has certainly affected the way I create when I'm working with clients and talent also being by the countryside gives me time to breathe and relax.

Biggest influences?

Many factors that inspired me to pursue a creative journey. Incredible mentors and being surrounded by such different cultures when I was growing up. I am fascinated by creativity and cross collaborations, both my parents are also very creative so I guess this was my up bringing and within my DNA. I really loved when growing up British Vogue magazines, Tim Burton films and movies in general, I love concepts and narratives.

What do your images convey?

Narratives stories and relationships, things that people can relate to and emotional feel.

What makes a meaningful photo?

Strong intention, I believe everything has an intention in life, if the subject can convey the intention was clearly within the contextual narrative story, all audiences will buy into it.

Biggest achievements?

Last year a piece of work I worked on with director Sasha Gervias was nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Television category, this was a proud moment. I always find it difficult to look back at achievements as I'm always looking for the next goal post, but as i get older I'm getting better at recognising my achievements but also things that I failed at and to learn from them.

How do you want to progress?


Talking to people, traveling lots and constantly asking questions,

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