I start with lyrics when writing a song. I’m always jotting down lyrics in my phone, recording random ideas on voice memos. I’ve learnt that you can’t trust your mind to remember everything! I think I pay such attention to words because reading and writing were very much an escape for me growing up. Coming from a multicultural background and being constantly the new girl at school, I felt always slightly out of place. Discovering poetry and philosophy was a turning point. I was stunned when I first read works dating back several centuries and thinking ‘I’ve felt this way before’ or ‘I’ve had that thought as well!’


I write a lot to classical music (often paired with a glass of wine). I tend to start writing

whatever comes to mind, allowing my thoughts to flow freely. Once I know the concept I

want to tackle and see the direction I want to go in, I start visualising the song. I’ll sit at the piano and try out different progressions, melodies, change the lyrics until I feel like it clicks.


I see song writing as bringing a song that’s already somewhere out there to life. Having struggled to accept—let alone figure out—who I was for so long, I really value diversity and authenticity. I’d like to think that my songs aren’t only witnesses to particular moments in my life, but worlds that people can visit and revisit, to make their own and find solace in.