Yetunde Hannah

Artist in focus:

"I am Yetunde Hannah an artist and designer, I started my interdisciplinary Art and Design Practice THE IDVIDL (pronounced Individual) in 2018. I create works that focus on the importance of the relationship with self. One of the ways I explore this is through illustration. My illustrations looks at the make up of the face and its features in an abstract and actual repersentation, using digital applications to achieve this. My illustrations combine a bright colour palette, opacity, layering, duplication, definition, and thickness. I aim to create works that celebrate the beauty and importance of our unique facial identity."

'I held an all day event at Protein Studios where I exhibited 18 printed illustrations from my Self Illustration Series and held one to one workshops into how they were created. The series looked at the make up of the face and its features in an abstract and actual representation using photography and Adobe Illustrator. The illustrations explored bright bold colours, opacity, layering, duplication, definition and thickness. The overall aim of the event was to create a day were we are reminded to celebrate the beauty and importance of our facial identity. Through my workshop I created moments of friendly conversation sitting side by side with attendees, giving the opportunity to share views, opinions, experiences and stories that stem from the topic of the importance of their facial identity. Alongside these conversations was an opportunity to try out my varied illustrations methods, gain a new skills and visually engage with their facial make up.'