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When did you realise you wanted to be a musician?

I think I realised I really want to try and make it my career when I was around 18. In our modern era it seems to be getting harder to define musical genres.


Do you think this genre cross-contamination comes from having more access to different types of music through streaming apps such as Spotify?


I mean I think having access to some new and old music has definitely inspired me. It’s so wonderful to discover a new artist you really like. Your music is feel good yet thought provoking, modern yet nostalgic.


Do you try and keep this balance or does it come naturally to you? (I’m thinking of Poison Cup and Take Back The Radio as two songs that represent this spectrum.)


I think I am inspired by a mixture of styles, so some songs are very stripped back and traditional and some more electric. It kind of depends on how I wrote the song too. Sometimes I write directly onto logic whereas sometimes I just write with an acoustic guitar in my room.


The current pandemic has turned ‘live’ music digital. Have you done any live streams or tuned into any?


Yes - at the beginning of lockdown I was doing a weekly live stream.. I asked people to send me songs to learn. It was really fun!

What is your writing process, lyrics or music first?

It’s normally both at the same time, but recently I’ve been trying to do work on the music first and really think about my lyrics are a bit more!

Is this the advice you’d give to people starting out in writing music?


I think the advice I would give to people starting out writing music is just write and write and write and not to be to over critical at the beginning.

Where have you always wanted to perform?

I would love to perform at Paradiso in Amsterdam and Los Angeles Echoplex


Biggest musical inspiration?

I think probably Kate Bush, Fleetwood mac, PJ Harvey, The Beatles


What’s next for KJP?? (in an ideal world)


Hopefully lots of touring and releasing new music!!

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