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Theresa is based in London and is a filmmaker and photographer. Her works consist of small snapshots into peoples' creative and professional practice. ​She mentions that the first artist who inspired her to pursue her career in filmmaking is Eliot Rausch, "to this day his work still stands to inspire me." She captures her subjects in a delicate and precise way, often promoting their brands. When asking her what relationship she establishes between herself and her subject, Theresa tells me that she never tries to be someone she is not; "I hope that the subject brings the same level of transparency to the table and we end up creating something beautiful and honest together." On top of the elegant and thoughtful visuals, the soundtracks are integral to Theresa's work. She says that she sometimes collaborates with her sister (known as Poolshop). They both aim to create a musical style that "can make the heart soar and sink simultaneously." The length of Theresa's films also add to their intrigue. Lasting around three minutes they act as short insights into people's worlds. She mentions that "much can be consoled in a small time window," and that the viewer can easily receive an "injection of insight into someone's life by being selective with shots, pace and sound." When asking Theresa what her biggest achievement and hurdles have been as a filmmaker, she says that the sole achievement is the friends she has made along the way. The main hurdle she has faced is becoming too "idealistic when it comes to sustaining filmmaking as a career. You have to really want it and have it cost you something to pursue it seriously and that for me can be challenging at times."

Interviewed by Fleur Adderley

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